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Controversy for conversation?

Image Source: Colonial Williamsburg via YouTube Using images related to the deaths of 2,977 Americans to sell vacations is going to upset people. That was the reaction to a Super Bowl advertisement the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation ran in New York, Philadelphia and … Continue reading

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Problems Outweigh Potential For Now with Wearables

If you have $1,500 burning a hole in your pocket or are simply an early adopter who isn’t part of Google’s Explorer program, today’s your day. Google Glasses are available for purchase in limited numbers to anyone. Wearables like Google Glass … Continue reading

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Anyone Who Says “I’m a Guru” is No True Guru

HBO’s Game of Thrones is great storytelling because it works on many levels. Beyond its entertainment value, it is a collection of case studies on why leaders earn or lose loyalty. The Season Three marathon leading up to last night’s premiere provided one such lesson. After his uncle … Continue reading

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“Know when to walk away…”: When and How to Respond

I’m an active user of Yelp and a few months ago, I saw a string of reviews of a local cleaning service that was a social media train wreck I couldn’t help watch unfold. The owner obviously hadn’t learned the … Continue reading

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