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Controversy for conversation?

Image Source: Colonial Williamsburg via YouTube Using images related to the deaths of 2,977 Americans to sell vacations is going to upset people. That was the reaction to a Super Bowl advertisement the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation ran in New York, Philadelphia and … Continue reading

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Lessons from lagomorphs on conversions versus engagement

We can learn a lot from rabbits. In this case, it’s the importance of conversions over engagement. Continue reading

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Anyone Who Says “I’m a Guru” is No True Guru

HBO’s Game of Thrones is great storytelling because it works on many levels. Beyond its entertainment value, it is a collection of case studies on why leaders earn or lose loyalty. The Season Three marathon leading up to last night’s premiere provided one such lesson. After his uncle … Continue reading

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Don’t Act Like You’re Not Impressed: Promoting Anchorman 2 with Integration

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues comes out on DVD and Blu-ray today, closing the books on the integrated marketing campaign promoting the film. For more than a year leading to its release, Paramount Pictures used a barrage of appearances by actor Will Ferrell … Continue reading

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Jack Be Quick: Authority, Speed and Planning Keys to Successful Newsjacking

Ever since the Coca-Cola’s Mean Joe Green and Apple’s 1984 ads of the 1980s, the Super Bowl has become just as much about the commercials as the game itself. More recently, it has become the best practices equivalent of What … Continue reading

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Tis the Gift to be Simple

Ever read a press release comprised entirely of corporate speak and buzzwords? (Hint: Usually contains the phrase “…the worldwide leader in…”) How about an “About Us” section on a company’s web page that gave you with a headache instead of … Continue reading

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Communicating with Transparency

Like other Netflix subscribers, I was taken aback by their announcement to double their fees by charging separately for their DVD delivery and streaming video services. CNNMoney foreshadowed the increase, observing that Netflix’s licensing agreements with studios will expire and … Continue reading

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