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Speculation Defeats Journalism: In Race to First, Truth Loses

Harry Truman got a good laugh from the infamous and inaccurate Chicago Tribune headline “Dewey Defeats Truman” in 1948, but journalistic jumps to conclusions in the Digital Age are no laughing matter. Twitter, Facebook and blogs have become useful breaking news and giving … Continue reading

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A Great Power Imposes Great Responsibility: Using Communication for Good

A few months ago, something curious caught my attention at our vet’s office. A small Holland lop rabbit named Arwen laid on a table. Her limp hind legs were spread out as two people who appeared to be volunteers attempted … Continue reading

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Social Media Explained Through Donuts

Swiped this from Facebook and added some of my own. Enjoy! Twitter: I am eating a donut. Facebook: I like donuts. Foursquare: This is where I eat donuts. Flickr: This is a picture of my donut. Instagram: This is a … Continue reading

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Communicating with Transparency

Like other Netflix subscribers, I was taken aback by their announcement to double their fees by charging separately for their DVD delivery and streaming video services. CNNMoney foreshadowed the increase, observing that Netflix’s licensing agreements with studios will expire and … Continue reading

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A Question of Character: Branding with Mascots

Dropping a bomb I’m proud to be an Ithaca Bomber. For four years, I cheered for Ithaca College‘s football team, with the help of “Bomberman”, a pep squad member dressed as a World War II bomber pilot. Imagine my horror when I … Continue reading

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Goring Trolls and Other Naysayers

When I was growing up, there was a nature center nearby with a woodland trail I used to go to often. When I got to the wooden bridge on the trail, would stomp my feet with a “Trip, trap! trip, … Continue reading

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Crisis Means Having to Say You’re Sorry

Love may mean never having to say you’re sorry, but the opposite is true in crisis communications. When Groupon missed the mark with its Super Bowl ads with Timothy Hutton and Elizabeth Hurley, their initial response was to say that … Continue reading

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