Influence Grows Like a Weed


The HBO series Game of Thrones (yes, I’m a nerd) episode “And Now His Watch Has Ended” provides a reminder of that fans, followers and Klout scores don’t matter:

“Influence grows like a weed.” — Varys

If all you want are followers, tech writer Lauren Hockenson explores how you can purchase fake Twitter followers and Nicole Perlroth highlights research speculating that brands, politicians and celebrities ranging from Pepsi to Newt Gingrich to 50 Cent may be doing just that. Artificially inflated follower counts further proves it to be a useless metric, beyond perhaps to boost Google search result rankings or to satisfy C-suite skepticism of social media ROI.

While we all want the perceived prestige from large numbers of fans or followers, it is a false measure without engagement. The ability to rouse people to action or change opinion makes influence paramount to numbers. Thousands of fans or followers who don’t use your product or support your cause are meaningless.

Influence like a weed starts small, spreads pervasively and is hard to uproot when established. Engage your audience with content that is significant to them and over time your influence will spread.

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